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Nursing care

Care deserves your wonderful jewelry

Through the high quality 14K gold platingJewelina jewelry is known for particularly long-lasting shimmer   You like the jewelry so much that you also Sleeping & showers Betray? It may be that he e.g. through Sweat becomes dirty. Basically If you care for silver jewelery regularly, e.g. after taking off with a Silver cleaning cloth Clean from dirt and fat. Recommended is alsoLukewarm water or silver bath from the drugstore To use, so you will be happy in the long term with your jewelery.


Can the jewelry staining?

That silver staining over time is not completely avoidable. This is a chemical reaction, too "oxidation"Called. In good German: The material comes with oxygen in contact & thereby loses minimal gloss. Good news: Through our high quality Rhodium administration or 14 carat refinement made of genuine gold If this process is clearly delayed & customers who also lovingly deal with their jewelry, have as good as no problem.


tips and tricks

  • Rarely associated with alcohol (Parfum & Shampoo)
  • Clean with a silver cleaning cloth & in lukewarm water
  • Silver bath from the drugstore
  • Keep in Jewelina Schatlen (little sunlight & oxygen)
  • Hanging chains & prevent the linkage


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