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♽ Made from 100% recyclable materials

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Jewelry box


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Unsere Größen 52 54 56
Innendurchmesser Ø 1,65cm 1,7cm 1,8cm
Umfang  5,2cm 5,4cm 5,6cm


Solltest du zwischen 2 Größen liegen, wähle lieber die größere.

Alternativ: Es gibt zahlreiche, kostenfreie Lineal- oder Ringgrößen Apps für Smartphones, die du ganz einfach benutzen kannst.


1. Ringgröße mit passendem Ring ermitteln.

2. Fingergröße selbst ermitteln.

2.1 Mit einer Halskette/ Schnur

2.2 Mit einem Stück Papier


1. Ringgröße mit passendem Ring ermitteln.

Du hast bereits einen passenden Ring ?
Miss den Innendurchmesser ab & lese deine Größe mithilfe unserer Tabelle ab. Beispiel: 1,65 cm entsprechen der Ringgröße 52.


2. Fingergröße selbst ermitteln.

2.1 Mit einer Halskette/ Schnur

1. Wickle deine Halskette/ Schnur eng um den unteren Bereich deines Fingers.

2. Markiere die Stelle, an der sich die Halskette/ Schnur trifft.

3. Miss diese Länge ab (Umfang) & erhalte deine RinggrößeBeispiel: 5,4cm entsprechen der Ringgröße 54

2.2 Mit einem Stück Papier

1. Schneide ein Stück Papier ab.
2. Wickle es ganz eng um deinen Finger & markiere die Stelle, an der sich das Papierstück wieder trifft.
3. Miss das Stück (Umfang) & erhalte deine RinggrößeBeispiel: 5,4cm entsprechen der Ringgröße 54
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High quality 14k gold plating

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Handmade & skin- friendly


In this stylish jewelry box, you safely move all your favorite pectors, bracelets and necklaces and compact. Her velvety reference from textile leather makes her make a stylish supplement on every make-up table. In the long, padded slits, your rings find a safe place and are arranged too clear at the same time. 4 Separate compartments take pieces of jewelery such as earrings and chains. With its compact dimensions of 21 cm x 19 cm x 9 cm, there is a lot of clear storage space for your favorite pieces.


Jewelery box:

material Textile leather
Jewelry box color
diameter 21x19x9cm


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    Hundreds of Jewelina pieces reach enthusiastic fans every day! You too will receive your lovingly packed package in 2-5 days, shipped from Germany.

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    name chains

    For jewelry that can be personalized , the delivery time may take longer because your jewelry is made individually for you. Usually it is 7-10 working days . Please refer to the respective product pages for the exact shipping information.


    You have the right to return your package to us within 30 days without giving a reason.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is revocation possible?

    Don't worry, if you want to cancel the order, you can do so within 30 days without giving a reason. If you have any questions, our customer service is of course at your disposal.

    Does the jewelry fade?

    Thanks to the high-quality 14K gold plating, Jewelina jewelry is known for a particularly long-lasting shining ✨ We have also prepared a care guide for you so that you can benefit from the shine of your new jewelry in the long term. Click here

    Are the chain lengths adjustable?

    You can see whether the chains are adjustable from the table in the product descriptions under "Length" . For example, if it says "+6cm extension", the length can be adjusted by 6cm. Ideal for combinations.

    What if the stones fall off?

    The zirconia stones are carefully set by hand and then the entire chain is gold-plated, which leads to the best possible fit of the individual stones. If you receive a package with stones that have fallen off, please contact us and we will take care of your request immediately! Of course free of charge for you :)

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    Jewelry box


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